Part II: Leading Others

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Classroom Lessons

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Instructions for Taking Course

    • Course Objectives

    • The Accelerated Leader Course One Outline

    • Bonus I: Engage the Course Discussion Community & Join our Facebook LHLN Private Forum

    • Student W

    • Bonus II: Request Your Free Hard-bound Journal

    • Bonus III: Student Workbook

  • 2

    Understanding "Why"

    • Understanding "Why"

    • Intro to Defining Your Why

    • Lesson from the Classroom Understanding Your 'Why'

    • Simon Sinek TED Talk

    • Creating Your Why Exercise

    • Understanding Your Why Quiz?

  • 3

    Inspiring and Motivating Employees and Understanding Imposed vs Shared Leadership

    • Inspiring & Motivating Employees

    • Intro to Inspiring & Motivating Employees

    • Lesson from the Classroom: Leading By Inspiration or Manipulation

    • Imposed vs Shared Leadership.pdf

    • Creating An Inspired Workplace by Dean Crisp (blog post)

    • Creating an Inspired Workplace Podcast- Straight Talk on Leadership with Dean Crisp

    • Inspiring and Motivating Employees Quiz

  • 4

    Crucial Conversations

    • Leadership Accelerant 7: Crucial Conversations

    • Intro to Crucial v Critical Conversations

    • Lesson from the Classroom: Crucial vs Critical Conversations

    • Crucial Conversation Quiz

  • 5

    Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to Success

    • Leadership Accelerant 6: Emotional Intelligence: The Secret To Success

    • Intro to Emotional Intelligence

    • Lesson from the Classroom: Emotional Intelligence - The Secret to Success

    • Personal Check In: Emotional Intelligence Assessment

    • Emotional Intelligence Quiz

  • 6

    Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

    • FInal Thoughts

    • Final Exam

    • Thank You and Next Steps

    • Course Evaluation

    • Recommended Books & Resources by Dean Crisp

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  • Student Workbook

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